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Amy benson, owner

In 2013, I resigned from my position at a prominent luxury hotel in Atlanta and relocated to Hawaii. 


Hawaii began transforming my life, through culture, adventure, and beauty. While residing in Pauoa Valley, I experienced a sense of community and connection that solidified my decision to make Hawaii home.


While working in the aviation and hospitality industry in Honolulu, I was able to create memorable experiences for residents and travelers visiting Hawaii. It also allowed me to hear experiences of travelers who were not fully conscious of ways they could contribute to the local community in Hawaii, support small business owners, and find connectivity while traveling.  In addition to my marketing, consulting, and HR background, I began using all my transferable skills to start P&C Hawaii.


My passion for hospitality, love for Hawaii, and awareness of those stories, led me to create Planes and Champagne. I was determined to find a way to create memorable experiences, through the lens of a person whose life has been enlivened by Hawaii, while doing so with the essence of Aloha, the respect of the culture, and the appreciation and gratitude for small business owners and creatives.



I did not want to do all of the typical tourist stuff so Amy took me to see some of the most beautiful scenic points off the beaten path. God is everywhere but the spiritual energy I felt there has been unmatched.


If you want an amazing experience I highly recommend Planes and Champagne. If you want to truly experience Hawaii and all it has to offer this is the way to do it.


I have been outside the country to experience tropical beauty and now I have the opportunity to have a planned, upper-echelon experience in Hawaii. I'm so excited!!

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